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Harrah's Kansas City

Private Gaming Room events (6 person private Craps or Blackjack Game)

Private Gaming

Private craps games at multiple venues, with add-on Blackjack and Slots player amenities


Group and Dice Cruises with Howard Rock n' Roller


What is a Casino Host?The Art of Concierge

A casino host is purely there to make sure that gamblers have a good time and that you get the most out of your trip. This is done by fostering a relationship, getting to know clients and their preferences, and helping them make the most of their casino visit.

For many gamblers, it can be confusing, with some players asking if a casino host is more than just a glorified booking agent. While there are elements of booking agent work for a casino host, they are meant to offer a holistic experience for clients. They take care of everything, from organizing you a favorite room to ensuring you get a reservation at the restaurant you haven’t tried yet.

High rollers will use hosts to guarantee an awesome party after hours of gambling, while some players prefer to get good seats at a sold-out show or a limo to and from the airport.

Hosts are there to give you everything you want, although there can be some limits depending on where you play


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